Catherine Glaser founded Source of Style in 2009 to help women create and
              develop their unique, personal style. She believes that the essence that makes
             up a woman’s individuality should weave through their lives in a myriad of
           ways – in the clothes they wear, the homes they live in, and through the
             important occasions of their lives.
Catherine brings expertise and a solid
                  background in styling to her clients, helping them custom design and
                   discover their own flair for sensible, yet stylish living. Her energetic
                   approach and her passion for style can be translated to fashion, event
                 planning, floral design or interior decorating, giving clients a consistent style
                  and image that is absolutely and unmistakably their own.    

                       Born and raised in Manhattan, Catherine began her career in marketing
                       and sales promotion for Revlon and Clarins. Later, she worked as an
                          independent fashion and prop stylist for Sony Products, VH1 Video
                               and Parents Magazine. She has styled covers and editorial spreads
                                  for major fashion publications, including the Spanish and Italian
                   editions of Harper’s Bazaar, and European editions of Cosmopolitan.
Catherine has served as a style consultant to Accessories Magazine,
working directly with the editor-in-chief forecasting style and market trends.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. 
                                                                             – Henry David Thoreau

Living life with grace, flair, levity and originality
is great style.

Empowering women to create, evolve, enhance and express their personal style.