Catherine knows my closet better than me. She has taken my love of
                 fashion and style to a whole new level... never too busy to help with any
                    occasion and considers the whole process rather than a day in your
                    closet. A fully comprehensive approach to creating and elevating
                    your style... Catherine’s memory is sharp and her sense of
                    appropriateness is on. She is constantly thinking about your wardrobe
                    and the many details that  go into it. Most importantly she is
                    economically sensitive and practical.” 
                                                              – Marina Alario, Interior Designer

“Construction is often a nightmare, but not when you’re working with Catherine Glaser! She was organized and everything was planned and prearranged. She was calm and practical in her time frame. She asked for our budget up front and was very good at respecting it. She has a great eye for color. Catherine cares about the finished project and the people involved in doing it... she even brought coffee and donuts for the construction crew! Our daughters bedroom and bathroom came out beautifully! I love walking in there and admiring it! I feel very confident recommending Catherine for your next project. It will definitely be done with style.”  – Jackie Knapp

“Catherine helped me plan two very different family events: my Mother’s 80th birthday
party and my daughter’s bat mitzvah. Catherine’s flair and meticulous attention to
detail made it easy for me to relax and have a great time.
Everything Catherine did,
from the designing beautiful flower arrangements, to setting everything up, to overall troubleshooting, were beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Catherine Glaser!”
                                                                              – Susan Golden, Lawyer

...is the memory of the heart.   A french proverb

Empowering women to create, evolve, enhance and express their personal style.